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In a parallel universe, called Neraverse, there are millions of planets where all existing species and civilizations live in harmony with each other.

And among all these planets, there is a special one: Earth. There live unique and rare beings in an exuberant, diverse, and pulsating nature.

A few light-years away, in the dark confines of the Neraverse, one species has mutated horribly over millennia, spawning within it an impetus for violence and oppression against other species. Now, the reason for its existence is to conquer new planets and completely dominate them.

They are the Donkers, terrifying and cruel beings that invade other planets and consume the most precious natural asset of the occupied territories in order to supply their energy and become even stronger.

Inside the planets of this universe, there is an essential mineral, responsible for the life and balance of the entire Neraverse. Its scarcity weakens the vitality of these planets, leading them to their ruins and extinction. This element is called TNL, with Earth being the source of its greatest abundance.

Knowing this, the Donkers turned their greedy eyes to Earth, deciding to invade the planet and extract all the TNL from its core, endangering all kinds of life on it and compromising the harmony of the entire Neraverse. In this way, Earth becomes the last bastion of resistance against the total destruction of its universe.

And to save the planet and life, the Legendaries were called, a group of super animals that are on the verge of extinction. In a deadly race for survival, the Legendaries will use all of their skills, stamina, strength, and specialties against the Donkers to save the Neraverse.

Now we must help the Legendaries to rescue all the stolen TNL that were left by the different maps of the planet, also preventing more TNL from being extracted.

Are you ready for the mission?